Though there is a lot that you can learn from my book, there are services that I offer through my web site that you can take advantage of to refine the different aspects of your program. Here are the services that I offer to help you refine your racing program.

Log Book Forms

On the download page you can take advantage of the forms I’ve designed for helping you track and log your racing efforts. If used in conjunction with the methods in my book, these log book forms will be a very useful part of a well organized racing effort.


In my book I shared with you some great and useful supplements that will soon be available for purchase here on my web site. If they are not yet available when you visit, send me a note via my contact page and I will let you know as soon as they are available.

Diet and Fitness Consultation

To be the best in racing your physical conditioning and diet are very important. How well your body works under the stress of racing is an integral part of success. In the past, I have trained and given diet consultation advice to Olympic athletes like former Power Lifting Champion and World Record holder, Joe Walker. If you need to bring your strength to the next level, or lose a few pounds to meet your weight goals, I can help. Contact me for a Pre-Consultation Evaluation form, and we’ll get you on the fast track to meeting your diet and training needs. Diet and fitness consultation sessions can be handled over the phone and will be billed at $50 dollars for a half hour consultation.

Sponsorship Package Design and Consultation

As a former racer, race club owner and promoter, I pride myself in my ability to design and prepare a top notch and professional sponsorship package. While working as a PR & Marketing Director for an NHRA Top Fuel Drag Racing Team, my packages were dubbed “The Best in Racing”. If you currently have a sponsorship package that is not achieving the results that you desire, I am available to review the package and prepare a report that will reflect my findings and suggestions. If you require the development of a new package, I can quote the project on a case by case basis. PowerPoint presentations may also be developed for electronic viewing. Package reviews start at $150.

To take advantage of these or other services, please visit my contact page and send me a note requesting the services you require. I will reply at my earliest convenience.