The Book

A somewhat unique book, “Race to Win!” is different than most racing books. It seems that other race book authors find the concept of speed and technique the only important part of racing. But the truth of the matter is that a successful racing program is made up of so many other elements.

A lot of discipline and preparation goes into a true winning race program. You must be organized, and you must be ready to work a lot of extra hours to prepare your body, your skills, your machine and your mind if you are to become consistent enough at winning to become a champion. In my book, you will learn many aspects of a winning race program.

Here are a few:

What to Expect

You’ll learn what to expect of racing, and what racing expects of you. You’ll learn how hard you will need to work to meet your goals, how organized and professional your program will need to be, who you’ll need to know and why, and a lot more.

Getting Started

Unless you are already a racer, you may not know everything that you need to about getting your racing career started. This book will give it to you step by step.

Race Club

You’ll need to know what a race club is and how to become a member. You’ll need to know what the race club can do for you, and what you can do for the club. You’ll even need to know what the positions of the staff are all about. There is a lot to be learned about your race club, and this book will fill you in.

Race Preparation

If you are going to be consistent, you’ll have to understand the scope of preparation and what methods of preparation work the best. It’s all in my book “Race to Win!”.

Safety Equipment

To race safely, you’ll need the proper safety equipment with the proper fit and application. In the Safety Equipment chapter you’ll learn the A’s to Z’s of choosing the right safety equipment with the right fit.


If you’re going to be a professional racer and a champion, you’re going to need sponsors when the timing is right. And though you may not have sponsors when you first start out in racing, knowing how to carry yourself and how to nurture relationships at the race track is a very important aspect of racing that will need to begin from the very first time you come to the race track. Using the methods in my book will get you on the right track from the very start of your racing endeavors.

Diet and Fitness

Often taken lightly, racers eventually find out that proper diet and the right level of fitness are mandatory to a formula for success in racing. Understanding this early and preparing yourself properly will make your rise to the top much easier.

These are only a few of the topics covered in my book, and only a few of the important aspects of racing that you will have to become familiar with if you are going to become a successful racer and a champion. “Race to Win!” gives you all of this in one comprehensive book! And since racing is racing, it doesn’t matter if you race a car, a boat, or a motorcycle, these concepts can help you prepare to win! If you don’t already have a copy, pick one up today and get your racing program on the fast track to winning!