The Author

As a youngster, Alan began riding motorcycles almost as early on as a bicycle, and went on to participate in such off-road racing venues as Motocross, Enduros and Hare Scrambles. In high school, when most of his friends drove cars, Alan preferred to ride a motorcycle to school. By his senior year, Alan began building performance cars and motorcycles in his garage. His love for motorcycles and cars, and his addiction to motorsports and racing was more than evident, and has remained the love of his life since.

Alan joined in the Motorcycle Roadracing ranks and became a winning club racer, participating well into his forties. Because of his love and dedication to racing, Alan sought to support the physical aspects of his race program and became a Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. Eventually, Alan became an executive for two different well known nutrition companies, playing numerous major roles in the success of these companies.

When the opportunity presented itself, Alan sought to bring national sanctioning back to the south central region through a new WERA race club called RPM Racing. In three short years Alan brought RPM Racing to success in his region, building a racer membership of over 700, and a following for his “Rider Oriented” concept of running his club and racing events. Through his experiences as a Race Club Owner and Promoter, Alan has become uniquely qualified as an expert in the field of racing. Alan worked hard to become acutely familiar with every position of the race club staff, and built his organization with an emphasis on a high standard of safety. Alan often supported his love for motorsports, working as a Race Official for other racing organizations when possible.

As an announcer Alan has hosted hundreds of racing events that include boat racing, motorcycle racing, car racing, and even go cart racing. Known as “The Mouth of the South” Alan has lent his share of excitement to venues around the country for many years. Alan’s passion for racing coupled with his articulate voice and knowledge of motorsports, makes it a treat when he hosts race events, and adds a professional element that rivals the best.

When he was a PR and Marketing Director for a Top Fuel Drag Racing Team, Alan was known for developing sponsorship packages that were called “The Best in Racing”. Over his diverse career in the racing industry, Alan has gained the respect of racers and industry professionals alike as he sought to help others nurture a fruitful, safe, and lasting career in racing.

Through his latest contribution to motorsports, Alan’s book “Race to Win!” proves to be the pinnacle of a motorsports career filled with support for the sports he loves and has a continued dedication to.